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Yeah am back :)
had an interesting time getting irradiated in Japan. snowed in Kyoto, got mobbed by deer in the Nara Deer park (I learned that when in danger, my sister's first reaction is to pass the offending item to me. Deer there will mob whoever holds the deer biscuits. They'd try to eat your maps, they'd butt you, they'd bite you.... but they're so cute.), visited the largest pokemon center in the world (sunshine city)....
Got a Braixen Plushie

All and good :D

Not much to say but the holiday is tiring. The last day of my holiday was unusual cause some inconsiderate person decided to commit suicide at Nippori station using the train (Announcement said "Someone was struck by the train", which at 7am where we were it usually is a suicide unless if someone isn't awake) that we were supposed to take to the airport hence massively delaying the JR narita express. So we had to take a train to Shimbashi Station to take the Skyliner train to the Airport. (48 min delay total)
Then at the airport someone who had an identical surname as my mom with an identical luggage and two identical SIA tags took my mom's luggage by mistake and we got stuck in the airport lodging a claim for that.

Oh well that's why when I travel I always choose the luggage with the most OBNOXIOUS colours and heavily vandalise it with the MOST OBNOXIOUS designs and stick stuff all over it so nobody else would EVER mistake it for theirs :D

Anyway back in singapore, so busy, got a few phone interviews these days. 2 active commissions and a few random other stuff.


Birthday art trades

Trades for next year:

:iconmausaba: feb 21 (sketch, special issue)
:iconkb-unlimited: --> 27 feb (sketch)
:icondragon-furry: mar 16 (colour)
:iconmisora-hunter: may 29 (flat colour)
:iconekairim: / :iconsaim-kurom: --> Aug 7th (flat colour)
:iconkeyotea: sept 7: (sketch)
:icondarktype17: --> sep 17 (sketch)


smash bros

Started playing Smash bros for the 3Ds. It's silly fun :D
I learnt I play Lucario best, followed by Bowser and Charizard then fox and kirby for some reason. I can't seem to play fast characters as I keep committing suicide :D

Yet to beat the master hand though. I still suck at it :D


Don't think anyone wants to see a collarge of where I went in Japan but i'd go make one any of my watchers want to see my adventures in Japan.:D

--> Snowfyre out.
  • Listening to: nxhwhowhqhgazj,w
  • Reading: Codex ORKZ
  • Watching: Computer
  • Playing: Borderlands 2: Return of the psycho
  • Eating: ahdfsl;haso;hf
  • Drinking: ashlbzlbqwwutuo


(TAWB) Commission: chrono ceasar by Snowfyre
(TAWB) Commission: chrono ceasar
A "The Artist was Bored" half-price commission for   chrono_ceasar on FA
His character Towering shroud

Cost $7.50 still on for a while.
Converted Flash gitz by Snowfyre
Converted Flash gitz
One of my rare model-related posts :D

Cause figured since I had a new watcher who watched for my minis, so I might as well do something for those who watch me for painted minis.

Admittedly the reason why I don't have many of them posted is because I'd been in a painting slump recently with little incentive to paint.

Anyway these are actually disused ork NOB minis I had and I had a weird idea of turning them into flash gitz.... then the flash git box came out and I figured I was too much of a CHEAPSCATE to go buy the flash git box so I just converted my own :D

Conversion is simple. just the simple expedient of sticking extra guns to a twin-linked or kombi gun to make it MORE excessive, and sticking random targeting stuff on it. They do look like flash gits now though :)

The lone deffskull is actually the first nob I painted. Never used him much due to his build not having a power klaw, so I stuck an extra gun and sight and now he's the Flash git leader. Designated him leader cause he's got a different colour scheme.
Colmaton Dance party by Snowfyre
Colmaton Dance party
Characters from left to right:

Jarod (Nitr0Fox)
"Little" Katey
Archye (Stormwing)
Isabela (The Parasol)

Yep. 4 of my colmaton heroes/villain in some dance party... in casual attire.

Suddenly decided to do a random dance pic... Quick pic... so proportions are bit weird.

Was Listening to too much of the song "Electric Super Joy - Firefrost"... go listen to it here:… And you'd get a rough idea of the feel of the pic.



Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
Man this ID is old.... and my oldest watchers know, my DA icon used for the avatar hasn't changed since my first few days at DA.

I'm a Singaporean that studies in the University of Melbourne (currently).

I draw as a hobby, a past time and whenever I feel like so I do post erratically.
I also play Warhammer 40K and have 3 armies. (2 operational ones) and occasionally post pics of those.

But long time watchers know that I there's a certain randomness and insanity in my works.

Erm... I like to sleep, draw, paint, play computer games, make stuff, eet.... and :iconshoopdaplz:

I do accept commissions if my time permits. See… for full details.


Random okami :D

Current Residence: Australia (as international student)
Favourite genre of music: None in particular
Favourite style of art: Anime (minor), drybrushing (for figurines), smudging
Operating System: Windows XP
MP3 player of choice: Winamp
Shell of choice: 155mm ER arty HE shell
Wallpaper of choice: Changes every so often. Currently using \\
Skin of choice: Human (is there any other choice?)
Favourite cartoon character: Miles "Tails" Prower
Personal Quote: Well, I ain't gonna live forever

(16/12/12: Finally changed profile pic)

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hi Snow,i try to do something for you but look like i cant draw :/
i have no idea why but i cant draw also Mya or May or Bianca,i feel like someone never used a pencil in hes life :/
im realy sorry Snow,i see what can i do in the next days,expecialy if this "block" pass :/
Snowfyre Featured By Owner Nov 2, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Ahhh don't worry.
Go try drawing something with say femsnow and femsaba or something :)
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eh thanks ^^; but i dont think thats the problem ^^;
the problem is that i realy cant draw ^^;
i have put some effort but i come up with nothing good :/
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Keep trying then :D
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