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March 29, 2008
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Collab: Ce'erin Stormgale by Snowfyre Collab: Ce'erin Stormgale by Snowfyre
You summoned me for WHAT????
WHAT THE *#&$!!!
GAHHH!!! You're wasting my time!!!
Now get lost!!
I bloody hate you so much.


Wallpaper edition: [link]

And so finally I decide to do one with better art standards than those usual mediocre stuff.
yes, once more
Upgrading............. :XD:


Collaboration work with the great :iconalanr:
A drawing of one of my characters,
The kitsune Priestess Ce'erin "Lucience" Stormgale

Yes, I really CAN'T draw that well myself :XD:

My first Collaboration work with another artist.
Basically he drew the sketch
then I moved it into digital art.

The original sketch is here: [link]
Somewhere in his scraps.
It was a random request I got from him, so gave him the odd challenge of drawing a character from a MINIATURE :XD:

Which the miniature is here: [link]

He did a pretty good job. :)

So bout half a year later,
I finally got to myself to finish this thing.
Originally was considering it as one of those "two path" things, I.e. same sketch starting point, then both work our own styles on it to make it digital then see the two different results.
But I guess he got busy :XD:

So here it is.
original sketch by :iconalanr:
Colouring and digital inking by :iconsnowfyre:

Character profile

Ok, admittedly haven't fixed her personality down proper yet.
As such, know she's a battle vixen :XD:, strong fighter, slightly crazy, spellcaster, often quick tempered, gets really irritated if summoned for unimportant reasons..... and is also a bit of a seductress at times..... so beware....

And yes, the weapon is an unknown sort of lightweight magical axe made from some funny unknown bluish metal.... and she's extremely proficient in it's use. Quite easily cleaving a solid hardened steel block into two with a simple swing.

Nonsense warhammer 40000 stats:

Ce'erin "Lucience" Stormgale
Pts: 225(?)
WS: 10, BS: 4, S: 3(5), T: 3, W: 3, I: 8, A: 5, LD: 10, SV: - / 3+ / 4+ (Armour save / Cover save / Invulnerable save)

Type: infantry

Spells: ( count as psychic powers )

- Lunar blast: Shooting attack, Range 36", Ordinance 1, Str 4, Ap 2, large blast, causes pinning, Treated as "Heavy" for purposes of movement and assault.

- Shadow blast: Shooting attack, Range 24", Assault 5, Str 3 Ap 5, causes pinning.

- Freezing field: Shooting attack, Range 24", Assault 1, Str 1, AP -, Large blast. Any unit hit by this attack halves their initiative and movement till the start of her next turn. This includes vehicles, but not superheavy vehicles or flyers.

- Battle fury: Cast at start of assault phase, Range - (must be cast on a unit she joins), Unit cast on MUST charge an enemy unit and gains furious charge, fearlessness and +1 WS till the start of her next turn. Does not affect herself. (Note that effects remain in play for the spell's duration even if Ce'erin has been removed from play. )

- Counterspell: Cast during the opponent's turn when they are using a psychic power. If successfully cast, it negates that particular power and causes an automatic "perils of the warp " on the targeted psyker in question. Range: 36"

Note: She can only cast one spell till her next turn, so may not cast Counterspell if she has already cast a spell in her turn.


- "Moonstorm": Her personal weapon, a two-handed massive Axe that adds 2 to her strength ( included in profile ) and also counts as a power weapon that grants 2D6 armour penetration against targets with an armour value. Also grants the Cleave Ability

Special rules:

- Unique Character: You may only have one Ce'erin in your army.

- Fleet: She may use the fleet of foot as described in the rulebook.

- Auxillary Independent Character: She follows the independent character special rules, however, she may choose to join any infantry unit of any race and can be treated as an independent character of any race.

- Fearless: Ce'erin has seen the worst of any warp-infested hells in her travels. This and a unbreakable faith in her goddess makes her fearless. She confers this ability to any squad she joins.

- Moonshield: She is protected by an invisible energy field cast on herself before the start of each war. It grants her a 3+ cover save against shooting attacks.

- Extreme agility: Ce'erin is unnaturally agile and dodges attacks with uncanny precision. She has a 4+ invulnerable save which becomes a 3+ invulnerable save in close combat.

- Lightning reflexes: So well trained is she that she can react so rapidly to an ambush that she denies those lurking in cover any advantage in the ambush. She counts as having plasma grenades in an assault.

- Chosen of the Goddess: Ce'erin is a priestess of immense willpower and is protected by her worshipped goddess. She is immune to the effects of instant death. Additionally, Ce'erin is unaffected by force weapons and cannot be transformed into any other model ( such as chaos spawn or squigs ). Additionally, if she is affected by an attack or ability that causes models to be removed from play (such as vortex grenades ), she takes a wound with no saves, is removed from play but will re-enter play in her next turn VIA deep strike and may assault the turn she enters.

- Spellcraft: Although Ce'erin takes a psychic test as normal when casting spells, she is unaffected by the "perils of the warp" due to the nature of her spells and her training.

Weapon rules

Cleave: Calling down the full might of her goddess, she makes an extremely powerful, single attack that can split a battle tank into two.
During the assault phase Ce'erin may choose to use a Cleave attack if equipped with Moonstorm. If so, she sacrifices all her attacks and makes a single attack at Initiative 1, Weapon Skill 1 but at strength 10. This counts as a power weapon, and is so powerful it ignores invulnerable saves. Against vehicles, it adds + d2 to the vehicle damage table's result. Against models with wounds characteristics (I.e. anything without armour value) it inflicts d3 wounds.
( Note: it still retains the 2D6 armour penetration against vehicles. )


Ce'erin may replace Moonstorm with "Moon Ray", a power-weapon in the shape of a fan. In which case she costs 200 pts instead.

See: [link]

It counts as an eldar triskele (i.e. power weapon that can be thrown as an Range 12", S3, AP2, Assault 3 weapon that returns to hand after thrown. ) that confers +2 attacks.



Decided to go almost all out on this one to once again see how far I can go.

Styles used:

- Pencil inking tech ( wacom tablet )
- standard flat colours

Shading style: 2 black shading layers, 1 white highlight layer + single burn + single dodge.

- Experimental fur technique using shading layer. ( used lines of dark and light, then smudged them in )
- Standard metal technique.

Total time: 3 full days.

Well, Critique discouraged for the Picture itself due to the fact that it is a collaboration work and I didn't draw the pic itself, so ESPECIALLY Critique discouraged for anatomy, char shape, design, arm positioning etc.
if you wanna give those, give them on the original sketch here: [link]

As for the shading tech, colouring and fur technique, if you wish to say stuff or comment bout it it's all and fine cause I did those parts.

Not in fanart cause technically that character is from me anyway, but really hard to classify collab works.


12/4/07 addon.
:iconalanr: completed his end of the two paths project with that sketch.
see [link]
We both take the same start, then go our own ways, and look how different we wind up in the end.
Different, but still awesome.
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