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May 19, 2008
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Dragoness Wardancer by Snowfyre Dragoness Wardancer by Snowfyre
200th Deviation special.

Ok, not so special actually ^^;

For those of you that have the misfortune of watching my scraps, you may find this one familiar.
You didn't REALLY think I was going to happily leave her NUDE did ya??? :evillaugh:

Figured that since I'd reached 200 deviations I should do something that revisits my roots. Dragons. And yes, I do know there's the few that watch me for dragons and have been waiting for ages for me to post one.
And do something that I'd bother with new experimental styles on.

Something that I may consider replacing my ageing current featured slot with..... [link]
Yes, I told myself that "Takes a dragon to replace a dragon" so..... :XD:


Techniques used:

+ Freehand Inking (with tablet)
+ 2 shading layers, 1 white layer + dodge + burn.
+ Experimental Outline blending technique ( using diff coloured outlines. )
+ Random background
+ Crappy hair-colouring technique ^^; ( yes, I horribly screwed this. I donnoe how to replicate the one I did in my previous feature. )

and yes... blue fetish :XD:

Not!!! :XD:

Advance critique due to use of new techniques. Feedback appreciated.

May replace that dragonair as my feature if this is popular enough. Let my watchers decide.

Major update

Decided her hair was too screwed up... so.....

Now with SHORT HAIR :XD:


Dragoness Wardancer Background :XD:

Also known as "The messenger of the dragons"
The dragoness Wardancers are believed ( especially by the draconians themselves ) to be a subspecies of the draconians. Formally thought to be a hybrid of draconian and some other species, DNA tests show that the wardancers are actually partly draconic, partly pure dragon ( draconians refer to these as "Mega Dragons" ).... and part of their DNA is from an unknown source.

Nonetheless, Wardancer biology is unusual, for the Dragoness Wardancers are mostly female ... with the remainder being hermaphrodites.... ( Statistics: approx 85% of population are females. )... Though if not nude, it is impossible to tell a female from a hermaphrodite...
They also appear to be more humanoid in appearance... have hair... but have articulated legs instead of the usual draconian legs.

They also seem to share the Draconian's metabolism, capable of switching between warm and cold blooded types of metabolism to conserve energy based on environment.

The most unusual fact is that the wardancers seem fully capable of breeding with draconians.... offspring are either draconians or wardancers... hybrids do not exist for some unknown reason.

Also, unlike draconians, their wings seem to attach to their body at two points rather than one. hence leaving a gap for clothing or other equipment to fit through.

Wardancers seem to have an innate talent in dance.... hence their name. The vast majority seem to be normadic, with a strong sense of wanderlust, often serving as dancers and jesters, spreading stories and news around.

They seem to be tied to the draconians and they are always warmly received by the draconians. Many have long been integrated into draconian culture since the dawn of draconic civilisation.

In times of war, Wardancers sometimes lead the front. Inspiring troops and fighting with a grace that is akin to their dances itself.
Some Wardancers become Priestesses of a particular dragon godess... in so seem to gain psionic abilities.

It is notable that Wardancers do not seem to be as physically strong as draconians.


Ws 8, Bs 4, S 4, T 4, W 2, I 6, A 4, Ld 10, Sv -/5+
Points 100

Wardancer Priestess:
Ws 10, Bs 4, S 4, T 4, W 3, I 7, A 4, Ld 10, Sv -/4+
Points 130

Type: Jump infantry
HQ choice.

Wargear: Staff ( 2 handed weapon, +2 str )

+ Independent character
+ Shield generator ( confers invulnerable save on profile )
+ Wardance ( +1 to invulnerable save in Close combat, Also counts as equipped with frag grenades. )

+ Parry ( Sacrifice any number of attacks up to A = 0, for each the wardancer gets a "Parry" attempt. on a 4+ after any enemy within 6" hits, you may choose to use one attempt to parry the attack. on a 4+ the hit is negated. )

Priestess only:

+ Improved Parry ( +1 to all dice rolls on a parry attempt )
+ Fearless ( Confers to any unit she joins. )


Up to three of the following:
+ SA -15 "Fairy" Pistol ( Str 4, AP 5, 12" Pistol).............. 5 pts
+ Shielded sword ( + 1 str, counts as power weapon against targets with armour 4+ or worse. ) ................. 5 pts
+ Crystal sword ( power weapon )....................... 10 pts
+ Butterfly blade ( power weapon, ignores invulnerable saves ) ................ 25 pts
+ Shielded talon ( rending weapon ) ............... 15 pts.

May replace staff with one of the following:
+ Shielded Great Weapon ( 2 handed, counts as power fist, strikes at I2. )............ 20 pts
+ Longbow ( Str X, Sniper, 24" heavy 1, Ap D6 )............ 5 Pts

Priestess only psyker options:
( Notes: Will count as a psyker if any of the following are equipped. )

+ Force staff ( 2 handed force weapon ) ........ 30 pts

+ Fury ( Spell, confers furious charge to attached unit )..... 25 pts

+ Storm ( Spell, cast on attached unit, squad counts as being equipped with plasma grenades. ) ....... 10 pts.

+ Terror ( Spell, cast on enemy unit in shooting phase, range 24", target takes a pinning test if passed, they take a morale check as though they took 25% shooting casualties. ).......... 15 pts

16/5/08 update:
Replaced the Dragonair anthro as my featured picture.
Last feature: [link]

25/8/08 Update:

In response to an art theft incident with this picture, added a watermark to it .

15/04/09 flashback look at pic

Hmmm I think I don't like how I drew the muzzle... at this point in time.
Oh well, may be good idea to make a revisit to the wardancer.

16/07/09 update
Retired from featured slot (after about 1 year and 2 months) by Sylfia. [link] Takes a dragoness to replace a dragoness :D
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