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November 20, 2007
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Lucy: Don't say you love me by Snowfyre Lucy: Don't say you love me by Snowfyre
As I noticed that handfuls of my watchers had started taking a liking for a certain Lucario....

This is what she has to say.

I'm cute,
I know it,

But please
Don't say you like me,
just because I'm cute.

--> Lucy Hikari.

________________________________________ _______

Trivia about Lucy:

If there was ever a thing as putting stats in the wrong place when making a character, Lucy's probably a good example.
She's rather intelligent and very wise.....
Though bit lacking in physical strength and agility..... mostly due to a horrible lack of skill.

With such attributes and a very strong willpower, She's actually far better off being a psychic pokemon than a fighting type.
Due to past encounters of ( getting picked on ) she's normally shy if she encounters another fighting type alone.

If you get to know her, she's actually really friendly.

Though if anything,
She seems to not at all be proud that she's considered cute and rather attractive by Lucarios......
She thinks it's too much of surface-deep thinking.

As for her surname..... oddly enough, she rarely mentions it.... only if asked.
For some reason, she's fond of her surname, but doesn't really like to talk about it (cause both her parents are dead... and she tries not to remember bout it ).

Other Trivia:
Lucy has a sweet tooth......... -__-;

________________________________________ _____
Art info

Mmmmm coke..... :drool:

Think I'm startin to LIKE to draw these sorts of pic-and-quote things.
This particular quote was inspired from something I saw from an SPCA poster (bout keeping pets )
Was thinking between love and like....... but think love was stronger (she thinks so too).

Finally think I should take some pointers bout pose.

Originally.... this was supposed to be part of my art trade with :iconxd-385: ...... but even though I got her kneeling pose correct..... for some reason Lucy kinda couldn't put on the needed expression.....

Instead, she ended up looking kinda cute instead....... ^^;

Also was experimenting with perspective..... slightly screwed it up then figured it looked kinda cute anyway.

So I figured that instead of wasting the pic I might as well colour it anyway.....
.... and also give her a chance to say something to anyone who is thinking of stalking her.

So yes.... sorry *XD-385 , but the trade is delayed once more....... ^^;

Advance critique on..... anything other than character design.......

Thanks to :iconvixenthewolf: I now remember what song this thing was partly inspired by too.
"Don't say you love me."

Go listen to that song (on or somethin ) and have a look once more at this pic..... it somehow feels different.

Anything else? Blame Ellie and Stellar....... :XD:
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As an absolute fanatic pokemon-human shipper, I cannot agree enough with this statement and the meaning behind it.

She's cute. Darn cute. So cute she makes your heart melt like ice cream in an oven. But you do not EVER say "I love you" to anyone and *especially* not across the species barrier unless you FULLY UNDERSTAND what you're doing by saying it. And you had darn better have EARNED her trust and respect to the point where she chooses to give you her love in return, or all I can say is "Go directly to Rejection, do not pass Go, do not collect $200."
Snowfyre Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
makes sense for her.
she has her own story since you love human-pokemon stuff :) It's on :iconxd-385: 's page... very old story though.
Gamerdragon1992 Featured By Owner Aug 24, 2014  Student
Very nice
Snowfyre Featured By Owner Aug 24, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Gamerdragon1992 Featured By Owner Aug 25, 2014  Student
Your welcome
YourBuddyBill Featured By Owner Dec 25, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
"Rule number five of living in a shithole: There are still good people. This is rule number five because MOST people are assholes, and if you signed up for this, the assholes are obviously what you're more worried about. The more young they are, the more likely they are to sway toward extremes. This goes both ways, but every now and again, you find someone who seems to be different. Someone who is the spirit of Kindness incarnate, someone who actually gives two shits about everyone, even the assholes, someone who is incorruptible. This leads me directly to
Rule number six of living in a shithole: NOBODY is incorruptible. ANYBODY can be turned into an asshole if a scumbag plays his cards right. Oh, but how do we know that, you might ask. How do we know that you can break anybody, you might ask.
Here's how I know. I did it.
There was a group, a while back. A group of psychics who did a lot of studying. And had a lot of ambition. They called themselves the Destined. They were big. Never heard of em? Yeah, there's a few reasons for that.
They trained others in the arts of abusing mental powers, and even non-mental powers, to hurt others. Part of their big organization thing.
I went in undercover. Here's what they taught me.
Research your target. Find out what makes them tick. Find out about any embarrassing incidents in their past. Preferably their childhood. You'd be surprised at how easy it is to induce PTSD in people. Many people can be broken just by doing your damn research.
But it's hard to break someone who has support. Do they have a bestest friend in the whole wide world? Play them against each other. Force a wedge between them. Once they lose their best friends, it gets easier. They don't have support anymore.
After that, it's a matter of preference and a matter of the target. Some people react to losing friends by withdrawing. Hiding. These are the hardest ones to break, because they refuse to break Rule Number One. But in a way, you don't need to break them, because you broke them a different way. Now they're alone. Utterly alone. And they can't reach out again after losing like that. They'll be alone forever. Sometimes some big damn hero comes in to save the day and wins a heart... but that's an easy setup to manipulate. Make the hero look like 'e betrayed your victim fast enough, and they'll stop accepting anybody's help. A few suckers will keep on holding out hope, and you can wedge them out as much as you want. Others will reach out to others, anybody who will listen. They reach out and flail about, hoping for someone who can save them. If you're feeling particularly sadistic, you can hold out your hand, reel them in, then betray them in the worst ways imaginable. Bam. Broken. And a few of them just break on the spot anyways and turn into antisocial jerks.
That's right, all these assholes who trouble you so? All broken. Me? Broken. Every asshole you meet was either broken by another asshole, or born without a conscience. It had to start somewhere, folks.
The worst part? I HAVEN'T EVEN STARTED ON THE PSYCHIC USE. All the shit I just described? Happens every goddamn day. Every day in this goddamn shithole of a world. And anyone can do it. In fact, everyone can do it. That's why it's so horrifying. A little knowledge is a dangerous thing.
But the psychic part is even worse.
They teach you how to tamper with dreams. Teach you how to give people nightmares. Teach you how to turn a kind heart into a broken, hateful spirit.
To pass the classes? You had to do it yourself. Find a victim. Break them.
I picked the most pure-hearted person I could find. Someone so pure I was certain that she was incorruptible. Probably the best person in the world.
And I broke her.
I broke the brightest beacon of hope in this world.
I couldn't believe it either. But I saw it with my own eyes. Heard the cries with my own ears. And then I saw the blood.
She took her own life because of me. It's been over twenty years since that day, and I still see her every time I close my eyes. Every night, my dreams are haunted by nightmares of what I did, and what I became.
I broke her... and I broke myself.
I got mad.
Now I knew that these people were a threat. I was barely qualified to use psychic powers, and I had just destroyed the world's best chance of not being a shithole. These people were uber-psychics. Think of the damage they could do... and maybe you'll understand what I did next.
I'll admit, I shouldn't have done it. I was mad. I didn't think clearly. They probably had some sort of wacko subliminal shit on me too. In fact, I'm pretty certain at least three of my classmates chose me as their victim. But what I did next was still wrong.
I obliterated them. Wiped them from existence. I took up two guns and a few dozen tech gadgets and murdered every single person who had ever been part of the Destined. Murdered a few dozen prospective entrants too. The world was a shithole, I reasoned it must have improved things somehow.
Funny how that stuff bites you in the ass.
Wasn't there a quote somewhere? He who fights monsters must take care not to become that which he fights? Something like that?
I sure wish I had listened.
See, by killing them, I became just as big of a threat to the world as they were. Just as vile as every one of them combined. I didn't make things better. I just made things different.
I wiped the records. Covered my tracks. I deliberately left a few loose ends, a few information sources remaining. If someone ever finds out just how many lives I took, and wants to kill me, I figure that's some karma long overdue. You wanna take a shot right now? Go ahead. You'll be dead in an instant, but so will I, so if it means that much to you, go ahead.
I thought not.
But in the evils I committed in the name of good, in the twisted reasoning with which I justified my horrors... I learned a thing or two.
Rule number seven of living in a shithole: Redemption is not impossible.
True, it won't make you what you were before. You can never go back, it's true. But at least you'll be less of an asshole. That's always good, isn't it? Well, I'll get to absolutes later, but in the meantime, it's generally safe to say that it's never too late to change a little. Maybe it won't be enough. In fact, I guarantee that it won't be enough. But at least it's something. And that's infinitely better than nothing.
Next time you face down a villain, consider how much time and resources it would take to redeem them. Consider how much damage they would have to do before reaching their own breaking point. Everyone has one. Even them. Even the broken have breaking points. Of course, they're scarred for life by then, but breaking them further will make them reevaluate things each time.
That's the funny thing about breaking people. You can actually break someone so hard they unbreak.
And now, while I'm on the topic of what I felt about that poor girl, this leads us to
Rule number eight of living in a shithole: Love isn't.
Most of what we call love isn't love. There's a lot of lust in there.
Then there's infatuation and obsession. Those two get thrown in the mix.
Then there's simple pragmatism and instinct. Your instincts want your damn genes propogated, so of course you're going to care for your offspring. If it's adopted, so what, your instincts can't tell the difference.
Saying you love someone is like saying, "You're important to me for reasons that I don't care to elaborate on."
Of course, if you did elaborate, people would probably get mad. Like I said before, happiness and the truth are mutually exclusive goals.
I can talk all day, folks." -The Magma P.I., Magmortar detective
Snowfyre Featured By Owner Dec 25, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
that is a long comment.
YourBuddyBill Featured By Owner Dec 26, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I spent an hour typing up a comment discussing the latest metagame for X and Y with another fellow. Turns out you can get Same Type Attack Bonus and Supereffective on every single pokemon in existence (except Elektross and its family because the dang levitate makes it immune to its only weakness) with only nine types on your team.
Snowfyre Featured By Owner Dec 26, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
whut bout spiritomb?
YourBuddyBill Featured By Owner Dec 26, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Ah, yeah, see that was actually one of the things changed. X and Y added a new type, the Fairy type, because so many people were complaining about Dragon being overpowered. Fairy is supereffective against Dragon and Dragon does nothing against fairy. A side effect of the new type is that Dark/Ghost types are now weak against Fairy types. Before X and Y, Spiritomb and a few other Dark/Ghost types had no weakness. Now the only thing without a weakness is the Elektross family and that's thanks to an ability.
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