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April 4, 2010
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Quick art: Lucia Hikaru by Snowfyre Quick art: Lucia Hikaru by Snowfyre

This one is a quickie. Took 20 minutes to colour.

well, not much special bout this, cept just getting more practice in. Trying to figure how to do things quick and draw stuff to try to restart drawing.

Though well, got big drain of inspiration.
so yes, kinda stalled out, so working on random stuff now.



Rank: 1, Liason with council, special.
Council role: The Representative of characters the council takes charge of, Replaced Azure in that role as she's more responsible than Azure.

First coloured pic she appeared in.

Yes, meet Lucia Hikaru.
Notice anything similar?

Well, yes, It's actually perfectly non-coincidental that she has a similar name to Lucy Hikari.
She's actually related to Lucy in Spirit (though completely different family). She's also a cursed angel, and the two entities living in her call themselves the "Angel of faith" and the "Angel of dispair"

Those two are somehow related to the "Angel of Hope" and the "Angel of Doom" in Lucy. Rumoured they are sister spirits.

Similarities in situation aside, and some physical appearance similarities aside, Lucia is actually a much different personality than Lucy. She's still happy, cheery etc... but it's notable that Lucia seems to speek in Third person as seen here.
Instead of saying "I" or "Me" she usually says her name instead... resulting in cases like her saying "Lucia donnoe" instead of "I donnoe".

Unlike Lucy, Lucia CAN actually fight (and quite well for that matter). She tends to fight up-close and dislikes ranged combat.

The most interesting thing about Lucia is she seems to have a pair of aura "Wings" on her back. Supposedly one represents each spirit in her. After a long part of training to figure how to control the entities in her, Lucia somehow figured out how to use them properly and since then sprouted the pair of aura wings, quite as a mark of power.

According to Lucia, if Lucy ever DOES somehow reach Level 100, she will sprout a pair of angel aura wings like lucia... and Lucy will likely freek out after that :XD:


Angel vs Angel

Don't worry,
Lucia isn't involved in Lucy's storyline. The two don't actually know each other. Though she may make cameo appearances.

Skydiamond logs

Skydiamond clan does know of the existence of another being of similar nature to that of the legendary "Cursed angel" known as the "Fighting angel". This time it is the pairing of the angel of Faith and the angel of dispair. They are both so-called sister-spirits to that of the angel of Hope and the angel of Doom.

This is reflected in the fact that the being takes on the mortal form and name of a lucario called "Lucia Hikaru" which is startlingly similar to "Lucy Hikari", the more well known "Cursed angel"

Even though their power levels are similar, and the resulting condition is somewhat horribly similar, this particular case is treated as one of those with lesser concern than the "Cursed angel"

The reason being that in the case of Lucia Hikaru, she has an equally strong willpower, however she somehow does exert control over the two spirits in her, achieving a sort of mastery over them. In recognition of that, each of the two live (somewhat) more harmoniously in her and she sprouts a pair of aura wings... one from each spirit, as a mark of that.

Lucia isn't biologically related to Lucy. her personality is wildly different. Due to how stable she is, she's of much less concern to the clan and happily lives her life out :D
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Cursed angels, eh? Interesting. You always come up with such superb backstories for every character you have.

As for the quick art, it's awesome. Particularly like the wings.
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It's the weirdest concepts :D
well, thanks anywayz.
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